Erin McQuone Dunbar, MD


Erin McQuone Dunbar, MD, is board certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Palliative & Hospice Medicine and completed a fellowship in Neuro-Oncology. She currently directs the Neuro-Oncology Program at The Piedmont Brain Tumor Center in Atlanta, GA.  Both locally and abroad she services clinical, investigational, administrative, strategic-planning, educational, advocacy and policy-making roles.

Dr. Dunbar has experience in developing and implementing and monitoring clinical, research, and medical education activities, including CE/CME events, SOPs and best-practices.


Dr. Dunbar brings with her the unique ability to tailor difficult and complex information and translate those concepts to diverse audiences and help disperse that information via presentations, digital media and publications in a meaningful way for the highest impact.  These audiences include a wide variety of stake holders such as physicians, residents, allied health professionals, patients, caregivers and policy makers.

Dr. Dunbar’s expertise, passion, and experience as a clinician, advocate and educator is something she is looking forward to bringing to associations and groups in Atlanta to broaden her footprint as a heath care provider.


CV available upon request.

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