Account Development & Project Management

Account Development and Project Management requires an understanding of the client’s needs, industry trends, goals as a company or product/brand and desired end product.  Based on these understandings, specific timelines are developed, tactics and budgets will be created and a strategy will be offered for execution. At McQ1 Meetings we combine our customized approach and personalized services to meet or exceed the client’s expectations – all while growing your business and building a lasting partnership.


In addition, Project Management can be a one-time, hourly project or a longer-term endeavor. Either way, we can customize our approach to fit your needs. This could include the pre-planning of a live meeting or the management of an enduring deliverable (like a website, app or an informational kit for your attendees). We can also help you to create a Public Relations or media campaign around a program.


While maintaining overall responsibility for the quality and successful completion of project deliverable’s, McQ1 Meetings will assemble an exceptional team of dedicated and highly skilled colleagues from among its local, national and international resources to provide you with the best possible strategy for SUCCESS.